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There is so much to do....
 ......and so little we have already done.

Customer Service

We have not yet been able to serve a large part of the world with the various services that we can deliver reasonably well. We however look forward to every opportunity to that can add to our extremely small list of patrons.

One may presume that we shall be absolutely delighted to offer all the services that we can deliver with reasonable success.

Information soft copies of the various products and services we have to offer you are available on this web site. You are most welcome to download the same. We could also offer you printed copies of the same if you so desire.

Just check if somebody is around at the moment on our on-line-chat service

Get yourself registered with us

Evaluation copies of the various products that we deal in are readily available for you to download. If you however require the Evaluation copies on a CD please let us know

Do you want to serve your queries related to pricing details or may be there are some other enquiries you would like to make.?

Special services for our registered customers.